MVU Global Collaboration Center

Sharpen your company's competitive edge by reducing critical decision-making and process cycle time! The MVU GCC is the most advanced, technology rich meeting center in mid-Michigan and is available to rent for as low as $100 per hour with free parking.

Save time and money with the GCC!
With so many companies and organizations facing increased competition and economic pressure, time is a critical factor in developing your workforce, your company's (processes and — most important — creating innovative and effective solutions! The MVU state-of-the-art GCC provides an enabling environment for your company's vital meetings and events. It brings together geographically dispersed people for strategic planning, process development and decision making. The GCC provides the latest tools in group meeting technology and collaboration. Use our MediaSite and web conference technology to build meaningful business relationships or create easily accessible live and on-demand events.

  • Bring clients and team members together from multiple locations in a live streamed event that is also available as on-demand content post-event.
  • Move important collaborations forward without the typical roadblocks of busy executive calendars.
  • Save valuable travel time for other important business functions.
Use our MVU-hosted ThinkTank® by GroupSystems Web application for strategic planning, product development, focus groups or marketing research and to innovate, stimulate creative ideas and develop plans or processes in a fraction of the time.
  • ThinkTank provides teams with a structured methodology for innovation leaders to schedule, conduct, mediate and document innovation sessions.
  • Use ThinkTank as a team support tool for new product or service ideation, concept analysis, strategy planning, project management, requirements gathering, budget planning or anything else requiring teams of people to meet, discuss, decide and innovate.
  • Improve your group's productivity with our on-focus, on-schedule meeting tools. Studies show that meeting time can be reduced more than 50 percent with the use of groupware technology.  
  • Ensure participation of every member of your team with this streamlined, synchronous and asynchronous environment. Even the shyest personalities are able to express themselves with total anonymity; stronger personalities are less able to dominate.  
  • No more sticky notes and after-the-fact transcription! Instantly capture 100% of your team's input without taping a single sheet on the wall. With all comments electronically recorded, key points do not get lost and you will leave with complete electronic and/or print records of the day.
  • Continue your team’s collaboration work asynchronously from any web-connected computer worldwide.

Our technical systems
MVU has just completed a full HD digital upgrade to the GCC featuring the most advanced audio, video, data sharing, projection, and collaboration tools and technology.

  • Four Steelcase Mediascape collaboration tables that can accommodate from 2 to 26 in-room participants with seamless data sharing at each table, with the whole room, and with remote participants
  • Multi-site web conferencing capability with professional studio lighting and audio
  • Sonic Foundry MediaSite live or on-demand event presentation and elearning content creation (with full offsite remote capabilities)
  • 28 Windows-based laptops, wireless, gigabit fiber Internet access, Web and audio conferencing software
  • Dual 8’ x 6’ rear projection screens for display of video, computer and television signals
  • Full 1080p HD input and output sources
  • Eight Sacom secure wireless microphones and BiAmp audio controls
  • Crestron touch screen control panel
  • Microsoft Office 2013® Professional desktop applications
  • Data conferencing and application sharing
  • Secure and isolated sub-network insuring complete confidentiality of your meeting
  • Exceptional lighting, environmental controls, sound proofing and visual privacy

Contact us to learn how MVU can assist you in accelerating the productivity of your company's important work groups, facilitate strategic planning or communications with your company and its customer’s worldwide.

[Last updated on 5/4/15]

Contact us to learn how MVU can assist you in accelerating the productivity of your company's important work groups, facilitate strategic planning or communications with your company and its customers worldwide.

Customer Care, 888.8889.2820 or email
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