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RFP — Michigan Virtual School Credit Recovery Pilot and Program

posted on November 14, 2016

Michigan Virtual University is requesting proposals from firms that can provide Credit Recovery courses for Michigan K-12 students.

MVU intends to pilot credit recovery content during the winter and spring of 2017 and subsequently launch a credit recovery program in the summer of 2017 through its Michigan Virtual School. This RFP is intended to secure both pilot content and program licensing models that meet defined criteria.

The new MVS Credit Recovery program has the following goals:

  • Expand offerings to serve more Michigan students
  • Provide additional educational choices to Michigan parents and students
  • Offer new content that can be personalized to individual student’s needs
  • Enable flexible enrollment schedules
  • Enable more students to attain credits toward graduation
  • Exceed the state of Michigan’s current 60% average pass rate in credit recovery courses
  • Enable the selection of a single vendor for piloting multiple credit recovery courses that meet identified criteria, and prepare for the launch of a full program

MVU is requesting proposals from vendors that demonstrate these key traits:

  • Understands that regular, clear communication is key to success
  • Delivers a solution that addresses the needs of all of our audiences
  • Demonstrates successful experience, broad talents and extensive skills in curriculum and content development
  • Utilizes industry-standard tools and methodologies
  • Demonstrates a clear track record of successful student performance as evidenced by completion rates and/or pass rates for each credit recovery course

Proposals must be accompanied by a signed Non-disclosure Agreement for consideration.

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