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MVS celebrated Digital Learning Day with 200,000th enrollment

posted on February 19, 2016

Governor Snyder issued a proclamation declaring February 17, 2016, as Digital Learning Day. His proclamation is designed to help educate teachers, schools, parents, policy makers and the public on ways to integrate digital learning tools to improve education for all students. Digital Learning Day is a national effort that provides an opportunity to share transformational ideas, promote new learning models and celebrate education innovation. Click to view proclamation »

In 2000, the Michigan Legislature directed the Michigan Virtual University to establish the Michigan Virtual School and to significantly expand curricular offerings for schools and provide pupils with opportunities to develop 21st century learning skills. Since its inception, MVS has worked in partnership with over 600 Michigan schools and districts and today announced its 200,000th online course enrollment as part of Digital Learning Day.

“I would like to salute MVU for its innovative leadership in providing 200,000 online course enrollments to middle and high school students in Michigan, said Mr. Brian Whiston, Michigan’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction. “This is a major accomplishment that helps to reinforce the value and potential of online delivery models that are free of traditional time and place considerations.”

Michigan has long been viewed as a national leader in online learning policy and practice for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. In 2006, Michigan became the first state in the nation to require students to complete an "online learning experience" to earn a high school diploma. Research has shown that online learning is academically effective and can provide meaningful alternatives for students who have a need for greater flexibility with their education due to individual learning preferences, life and health conditions and employment responsibilities.

“It has been a wonderful journey to help introduce hundreds of Michigan school districts to online learning, said Jamey Fitzpatrick, President & CEO of MVU. “In the early days, many school leaders looked at us with confused and sometimes blank reactions when presented with the concept of students learning online. Today, online learning is viewed as an important part of being college and career ready.”

MVS is one of the largest nonprofit virtual schools in the nation. It uses Michigan certified instructors and provides online learning options that supplement, not replace, what is currently being offered at local schools. MVS does not directly grant credit or diplomas to students, but works in partnership with schools across the state of Michigan.  

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