Learning Online vs. Learning at School

This short video provides an overview of online learning.

  Copper Country Today host Todd Vandyke talks online learning with MVU's Jamey Fitzpatrick (24:18; July 13, 2014)

 MVU - Pioneers in the Digital Age (2:17; courtesy of TechSmith)

 The Virtual Education Revolution Continues (6:22, courtesy of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy)

MVS Summer Courses (:30)

 MVS Partners with Your School (:30)

 Online Courses, an Increasingly Popular Option (1:44)

Online learning helps students achieve goals and dreams ...

 Changing Education. Changing Lives. (:30)

Kim (3:19)

DaMarco (3:28)

Carley (3:46)

Carlin (2:46)

Expanded options in online learning ...

 Parents and Principal Discussing Online Learning Opportunities (2:33)


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