More choice & flexibility – The learning tools may differ, but the end result is the same: Great learning. Find out some of the commonalities and differences between online learning and learning at school in this short video.

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 MVS provides teacher-led online courses » (:30)

  Changing education, changing lives » (:30)

Online learning helps students achieve goals and dreams ...

  Kim » (3:19)
Kim discovered during the spring of her sophomore year in high school that she was expecting a baby. Considering dropping out of high school, she was encouraged by her counselor to use a new online learning program at the time to complete her junior & senior years.

  DaMarco » (3:28)
DaMarco, at the end of his junior year in high school, was nine credits short of graduating on time. With an athletic college scholarship pending, he needed to get back on track to ensure a college education.

  Carley » (3:46)
Carley suffered a medical crisis just before entering her senior year of high school. She used online learning to keep up with her course work while rehabbing. She was able to meet her goal and return to the classroom in November.

  Carlin » (2:46)
Carlin needed to create a more flexible high school schedule as she progressed through competitive gymnastics. Her parents were instrumental in encouraging her district to adopt an online learning program in her high school. Carlin was one of several aspiring Olympic athletes to take MVS courses.

Expanded options in online learning ...

  Shared-time Services With MVS » (1:34)
Using shared-time services, a State of Michigan program that allows public schools to provide services to private schools in the non-core elective areas for grades K-12, MVU, Brighton Area Schools and South Redford School District are providing MVS online learning courses to private school students.

  Parents and Principal Discussing Online Learning Opportunities » (2:33)
This imagined conversation between parents and a high school principal highlight the opportunities present in online learning.

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 Get the most out of your education with online learning » (6:00; WOOD TV-8)

 MVS Online Classes » (1:59;

  Copper Country Today host Todd Vandyke talks online learning with MVU's Jamey Fitzpatrick » (24:18; July 13, 2014)

  MVU - Pioneers in the Digital Age » (2:17; courtesy of TechSmith)

  Online Courses, an Increasingly Popular Option » (1:44)