Online learning opinions and facts

MVU began as an agent for change in education, promoting the expansion and improvement of online learning in Michigan. That role focuses on the K-12 community, providing online learning products, services and solutions for students, teachers and administrators.

This collection of reports and articles is intended to provide some of the latest research and thought regarding MVU and online learning.

Implementation Guidelines: Section 21f of the State School Aid Act
Student access to any time and any place learning options has expanded under a new law in Michigan. Section 21f of Public Act 60 of 2013 allows students in grades 5 through 12 to take up to two courses online per academic term (with parental consent). Michigan is the seventh state in the U.S. to enable statewide choice at the course level through online learning options.

The new legislation generated requests for support from the education community. So with input from MDE, MASSP, MEMSPA, MASA, MAISA, MASB, MACUL, Michigan ASCD and the REMC Association of Michigan, we identified, developed and collected an initial set of practical resources – a Tool Kit – to support schools as they implement expanded online learning options for students under Section 21f. All the Tool Kit items are available online or from a link on the Michigan Online Course Catalog home page.

MACUL Journal articles
MVU is a regular contributor to the MACUL Journal, a quarterly publication of the Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning. Recent editions include articles about online professional development, project-based learning and online assessment.