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MVS 2016-17 Courses
A list of the MVS high school and middle school courses for 2016-17 school year; the enrollment dates are also included.

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A Report to the Legislature, 2016
The information provided in the annual legislative report contains a list of districts served by MVS, a list of online course titles available to districts, course enrollment and completion rate information by course, and the overall completion rate.

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Mentor Fundamentals: A Guide to Mentoring Online Learners
This guide describes the roles and responsibilities of the mentor and contains tools to prepare mentors for working with online learners.

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  Parent Guide to Online Learning
This guide prepares parents, guardians, counselors, and others who want to help students decide whether online courses are a good option for them.

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  Student Guide to Online Learning
This guide is for middle and high school students who are interested in taking courses online. Most of the content comes from teachers, mentors, and students who have personal experience with online teaching and learning.

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  Michigan's K-12 Virtual Learning Effectiveness Report, 2014-15
This report highlights 2014-15 enrollment totals, completion rates, and the overall impact of virtual courses on K-12 pupils.

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  Implementation Guidelines
This guide provides an overview of the policies found in Section 21f of the State School Aid Act, identifies basic implementation decisions schools need to explore and offers informative scenarios.

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Online Learning Orientation Tool
OLOT is a freely available self-paced learning tool designed to help students understand what online learning entails and introduce the skills and knowledge that are key to success.

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  Online Learner Readiness Rubric
This rubric helps identify specific areas where students may need additional support to better ensure success in online learning.

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  Mentoring Basics
Schools and districts can use this training module to introduce the basic concepts of mentoring online learners to new staff or those unfamiliar with the practice.

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