About Us — MVU focuses on the K-12 community

Michigan Virtual University® (MVU®) was established in 1998 by the State of Michigan. MVU is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation and is governed by an independent Board of Directors comprised of individuals representing business, industry, higher education, K-12 education and state government.

MVU began to serve Michigan’s K-12 community with online instructional services as a result of Public Act 230 of 2000. In 2005, the Michigan Virtual School® (MVS®was awarded accreditation by the North Central Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA) and the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA). MVS was re-accredited in 2016.

In 2003, in partnership with the Michigan Department of Education, MVU created Michigan LearnPort®, a web-based portal that provides low-cost online professional development opportunities to Michigan’s K-12 community, higher education and for organizations not directly affiliated with K-12 or higher education. In 2016, MVU updated the professional development portal and renamed it the Professional Learning Portal.

In 2012, MVU opened the Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute (MVLRI) which draws upon recognized state and national leaders from K-12 schools, higher education and the private industry to provide research, evaluation, and development expertise that support Michigan’s students, parents, schools, K-12 and postsecondary educators and state and local policymakers. In 2013, MVLRI received the 2013 iNACOL Innovator Award for Outstanding Research.

Strategic Decisions: A Framework for the Future
Last fall, MVU published Strategic Decisions: A Framework for the Future. This document serves as a strategic compass for Michigan Virtual University. Working with a group of internal and external stakeholders, we prepared this planning tool to help guide important decisions as we strive to better serve Michigan’s K-12 community and policymakers as a trusted leader, partner, innovator and capacity builder. Download Strategic Decisions »

MVU Values
The MVU organizational values represent a set of core beliefs that continue to build a high performance team environment. These value statements serve as the foundation for MVU’s vision and mission statements. This is what we believe:

  • Put people first — Personalized learning, diversity of thought, partnerships in the educational community, investment in staff.
  • Commit to excellence — Quality products and services, responsiveness and timeliness, pride in our work.
  • Act with integrity — How we act is as important as what we do, good stewards of resources, trust is earned.
  • Embrace innovation — Advance the art of learning, impact educational practice and policy.
  • Serve with passion — We are an extremely passionate group of professionals focused on improving education and career readiness.
  • Succeed through teamwork — Nothing great can be achieved individually. We appreciate the diversity that various individuals bring to our work and interactions and believe in collaborating with the best to achieve success. 

Vision & Mission

Michigan’s digital learning leader advancing personalized education for all learners.

Advancing K-12 education through digital learning, research, innovation, policy and partnerships.